Frequently asked questions

What is the One More Education campaign?

The One More Education campaign has been set up by students graduating in 2018 to fund an Equal Access Scholarship at the University of York. .

The scholarship gives asylum seekers in the UK the chance to access higher education at York. At the moment, asylum seekers are classified as international students by the UK government. They are charged international fees, can’t apply for student finance and aren’t allowed to work to fund their way through their studies.

An Equal Access Scholarship makes education at York accessible to asylum seekers by providing successful applicants with a total fee waiver funded by the University of York and a living award which is funded through charitable donations to the University. The scholarship was introduced in 2015 thanks to a student-driven campaign and staff and students at York have continued to support the scholarship since.

Without your help, asylum seeking students can’t access an education at the University of York. You can make the difference.

How can I help spread the word?

By signing up to help on the University of York campaign in 2018, you can spread the word by sharing messages with your networks and encouraging others to get excited about the cause. You can maximise your impact by choosing which network you post to, and you can personalise the messages to let your own passion come through.

How can I donate?

The aim of the One More Education campaign is to galvanise the 2018 university community and fundraise enough money to fund the living costs of an Equal Access Scholarship for a year - that’s £10,660. It might seem a lot, but if we all pull together, that amount is super achievable

You can donate to the campaign here.

No matter what you donate, 100% of your donation will go to the scholarships and it will make a huge difference. By encouraging others in your network to donate, too, your gift can go further. If you donate £5 to the campaign and encourage 5 others to do the same, your £5 donation suddenly becomes an effort worth £30! If they all did the same and so on, we’d reach our target in no time

How can I get in touch?

If you have any questions about any aspect of the One More Education campaign and how you can get involved, please email